Work Based Coaching & Learning

In traditional classroom work learning regression can quickly undermine the efforts of the best educators and ultimately results in an ineffective and costly exercise. Our Work Based Coaching and Learning Programs involve smaller groups of managers in intense brief content sessions such as 'Leading Change', 'Managing Conflict' 'Managing Marginal Performers'.

In the process contracts are signed off with a sponsor/mentor providing accountability to apply the learning as part of their daily work. The sponsor/mentor is actively involved in the content and also ensures accountability while learning is taking place. The content learning is widely spread across the sponsor, the manager, and learner so that learning regression is minimised and application in their role is maximized.

Key Outcomes:

• Learning is applied directly to the job ;

• Learning regression and time away from work is minimized;

• The content is highly focused on what is needed;

• Learners are held accountable for what they learn;

• Learning is highly personalized and tailored to their immediate job;

• The evaluated results show high levels of retained and applied learning.

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