Qualitative Review

Qualitative review is a major strength of Walker Wilson Associates. We have extensive experience in this intensive and personal interview process across all of our client base. The process is often used in conjunction with our qualitative (questionnaire) reviews. However it stands on its own in that it provides data that is more rich and insightful. It is rarely challenged for accuracy. The client receives a detailed picture set against standardized questions of what is happening in the organization with verbatim quotations that give a voice to what employees really think. Participants often report that it is also therapeutic and gives a voice to their work place concerns.

The methodology is one on one or small group interviews lasting 45 - 60 minutes. Written guarantees of confidentiality are given and the emphasis is on very focused active and reflective listening. It is a very personal process done with great care.

Clients are given a list of standardised questions and choose those most appropriate for the situation.

Typical question headings include:

  • Morale
  • Stress positive and negative,
  • Role responsibilities and clarity
  • Communications up/down and across
  • Conflict management interpersonal and across boundaries
  • Leadership/management supervision
  • Stakeholder relationships
  • Customer service and awareness
  • Teamwork
  • Change management/resistance/support
  • Quality
  • Critical improvements necessary for productivity
  • Productivity barriers to/opportunities for improvement
  • Values now/values should be
  • What advice would you give to management

<< Here is a typical set of client approved questions >>

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