Environmental Public Sector

International: As part of our principal John Walker's law - enforcement capabilities in Canada, the US, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Australia long standing relationships and projects were undertaken with environmental law enforcement clients, including: Washington State Fish and Game, New Zealand Department of Conservation, British Columbia Conservation, the Canadian Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Yukon departments of conservation. Project work in this area began in the mid 80's and continued until very recently. The emphasis has shifted to review and leadership development.

Australia: NSW, Victoria and South Australia Fisheries, Federal Department of Environment and heritage, Australian Fisheries Management Authority.

Breadth of content:

  • Officer survival psychology (Dealing with hostility and aggression)
  • Personal support - trauma, critical incident stress
  • Design and implementation of fully developed intensive peer support programs
  • Introduction of ‘Malcolm Sparrow' (The Regulatory Craft) concepts
  • Organisational reviews
  • Extensive management development programs.


Designed and implemented a Fisheries Officer conflict management program based upon a best practice design used effectively in Canadian natural resources enforcement. Introduced, developed and implemented a best practice peer support program based upon the design for Federal Fisheries Canada.

Undertook a series of organisational reviews leading to a ‘ Change Management Plan' linked to the establishment of four key cross-functional teams. A large number of senior employees were put through change management skills training in preparation.

During a previous restructure provided senior management coaching, a review and strategic support of industry oriented aqua-culture teams, managing conflicts, a unique" Organisational Culture and Symbolism" research project, benchmarking against Canadian departments and other specific behavioural interventions as directed by the CEO.

A significant management organsiational wide development program for senior fisheries officers using work based learning principles and mentors.

Developed conflict management programs for MAC and PORT meetings.

Developed a team development and stakeholder (conflict) management program for Marine Parks at Coffs Harbour.

New South Wales Fisheries: Ten Year Culture Relationship

"John has been providing highly professional behavioural science consultancy services to the Department. . He has demonstrated the highest levels of commitment to the organisation and our people. The staff hold John in very high regard and he has huge credibility. ...His most recent project for me has involved team and managerial coaching assisting me to achieve a significant cultural transition. His strategic emphasis and his ability to recognize and meet the needs of critical stakeholders has proved invaluable." Director General, NSW Fisheries

Environmental Private Sector

Environmental Earth Sciences NSW (EESI)

A specialist science driven environmental engineering company.

Undertook qualitative reviews of both the Melbourne and Sydney offices. Designed a work based learning senior technical team management development program based in their portfolio responsibilities; presented several managerial conference level leadership sessions, provided on going coaching for a regional manager, undertook team management profiling for executives and senior staff and "TMS" linking skills 360 evaluations.

Team Managagement systems