Corporate Vision & Core Values

Highly successful companies over time are value-centric. They link their success to the alignment of corporate vision, mission goals and team challenges integrated with core values. The values form a collective organisation-wide belief structure underpinning actions and behaviours and ultimately determining the standards of acceptable behavior.

Our Corporate Vision and Core Values program is a high involvement, representative team effective program implemented by a client proven process that takes vision, integrated with values, beyond words and into a frame on the wall or onto your corporate handouts. Values are ultimately expressed in 'above the line' and 'below the line' behaviours. The result of this very powerful process is that people are accountable in clearly stated behavioural terms.

Key Outcomes:

• Clearly stated vision and value statements expressed behaviourally;

• High involvement vision/core value workshops;

• Understanding why core values are so critical to team success and high productivity;

• Overcoming organisational cynicism and resistance to applying core values;

• The core values become part of the fabric of the organisation and the developmental team become passionate advocates for a positive culture

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