This complex manufacturing company had over 1400 staff, and Walker Wilson Associates was involved with building a team based organisation, over a four year period. Critical strategies included; change management strategies, diagnostic reviews, senior management coaching, design of team training programs, development of core values and educational programs to implement and a whole series of interventions to maintain the change process.


Walker Wilson Associates worked with this International US based manufacturer of fork lift truck equipment to implement a change blueprint of autonomous small work group teams. The project necessitated working within a strong union culture, high entitlement thinking and with highly independent minded trades people as wel as coaching and support of individuals and the consultative committee and strategic and business planning for senior managers.

"While we have plenty of work ahead of us it is pleasing to see a return from our investment in your time over and above expectations." Ned Walsh, GM Operations.


This project involved the development and implementation of an internal stakeholder management program for senior manufacturing staff to develop skills in communicating and promoting the special qualities of their operation. The project involved using the Team Management Systems profile, building the team culture, analysing strengths and weaknesses and planning creative strategies.

"I am grateful for your quick appreciation of our problem, which, I expect, is not a common issue addressed by providers of services like yours. Moreover, I am convinced that your manner with our team and your clear empathy with our task facilitated the swift pace and tangible progress of the day." Production Manager.

Team Managagement systems