This top tier international law firm undertook an organisational review titled “A Great Heart” leading to the design and implementation of an innovative program to develop professional business plans linked to corporate vision. The focus was on senior administration managers and associated partners. Using Team Management Systems profiles Walker Wilson Associates designed and delivered a high performing team program for the National Marketing group. The project included work on core values, stakeholder relationships and and coaching.


Walker Wilson Associates implemented a 'whole new way of thinking' within this Parramatta Law firm through an organisational review process followed by a ' Stakeholder Culture' based strategic planning and change program. Additionally we provided extensive leadership support to the firm executive, and coached the Personal Injury, Family Law and Property Teams.

"Your work has had a profound effect on the firm. The climate survey you conducted provided an accurate basis upon which to implement a number of programs around your change model." Practice Manager.


Walker Wilson Associates implemented an executive leadership coaching, team development and behavioural support to commercial and family law professionals as well as a behaviourally oriented core value and behaviours program.


This is one of the top five CBD law firms in Vancouver, Canada. Walker Wilson Associates researched senior partner and associates work environment for indicators of high stress, burnout and loss of effectiveness and as a result Implemented a 'War on Stress' burnout prevention program.


Walker Wilson Associates conducted presentations to both Practice Managers and Partners groups, titled respectively:

• Identifying and satisfying critical stakeholders and their requirements

• Satisfying critical stakeholders in an aggressive and competitive stakeholder culture (strategic and business planning lessons)

• Critical cyber strategy decisions - Strategic decision making processes

Team Managagement systems