Change & Team Management Strategies
Considering the turmoil and impact that 'change' has on Australian workplaces, there is a significant lack of understanding among many senior managers on how to actually implement change successfully. Organisations that re-organised around a team-based structure often end up experiencing the negative affects of confusion and resistance, which in turn significantly affects performance and morale.

Our breadth of experience across typically 'change resistant' industries such as policing and regulatory cultures, manufacturing as well as the public service, underpins the success if our Change and Team Management program which focuses on pragmatic practise.

Key Outcomes:


Coming to grips with:

• The emotional "Cycle of Change";

• Denial and resistance;

• Our change philosophy;

• Why short term success is critical to a paradigm shift;

• The thirty reasons why change is resisted;

• Achieving positive results and increasing organisational effectiveness


Applying the knowledge:

• Why teams succeed and why they fail to make the right decisions and get results;

• The maturity stages and the time it needs;

• Why sometimes it's best not to go to full teams but settle for effective work groups with team characteristics;

• What you need to make team meetings actually achieve anything;

• How to use the world class Australian Team Management Profiles from TMS (make a link) to great benefit.

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