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After 20 years of international consulting with almost constant jet lag and living in hotel rooms, an opportunity came up to take a year off and move the consultancy to a small town in Victoria 10 minutes from the festival town of Port Fairy. This has been wonderfully restorative in a beautiful part of the world where a traffic jam is one Echidna crossing the road. I am home every night. Sydney became almost unliveable and far too much time was spent at airports instead of being home. Walker Wilson Associates has returned refreshed and renewed.

We bring to life the science of organisational behaviour in a professional and pragmatic manner where achieving high productivity through your people is of the upmost of importance. Our people management strategies will improve your competitive advantage by reducing your exposure to risks and employee turnover. They will ensure you stay an employer of choice in order to attract the right staff and retain your key talent.

Our values and motivation have been forged through years of international and Australian service in organisational and human behaviour including many years of service to the iconic Royal Canadian Mounted Police where pragmatism and results based on sound thinking is essential.

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